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Firm - Specific Differentiating Factors 



  • Really strong investment in Single Family Rental in the southern belts

  • Largest bank in the world gives access to a wide range of resources and networking opportunities 

  • Strategic Property Fund is one of the biggest core funds, investing in core assets all across America 

  • Investment teams are divided up regionally, allowing analysts to see wide range of different asset classes in their assigned region


Berta Faktorovich '25


  • The spinoff of Blackstone’s long-standing investment banking advisory division

  • Has separate restructuring and M&A groups

  • Industry agnostic with a “major” and “minor” industry of preference

  • Focused on strategic advisory


Morgan Stanley

  • One of, if not the smallest, bulge bracket banks in terms of headcount

  • Leads to relatively lean groups and deal teams despite being a bulge bracket

Ares Management 

  • Ares Real Estate sits within the larger investment company of Ares. 

  • The group has massive bandwidth and invests across asset types, investment profiles, and regions across the US and Europe. 

  • Their fund structure allows them to evaluate every deal in the pipeline and execute it depending on the risk-return profile. 

  • There are offices across each region in the US, and deal teams are lean. Smaller deal teams lead to immediate contributions, even at the analyst level. 

  • The Ares culture is a key differentiating factor. It is a very strong, supportive environment filled with knowledgeable and hard-working people who take the time to teach and mentor junior employees to learn and acclimate quickly to the fast-paced role.

Priscilla Wongso '24


Rialto Capital

  • One of the top real estate debt platform and special servicer

  • Great debt shop if you want exposure to not just direct lending but also CMBS B-piece and CLO

  • Boutique firm thus chance to work closely with directors at an analyst level

  • Great Cornell presence from analyst to directors (Cornell, Wharton, and Wisconsin-Madison are Rialto's target school for the NYC office)

  • My junior and senior mentees were both Cornellians who made my experience truly special; directors are extremely friendly and takes time to speak with interns

Reika Nakagawa '25

Goldman Sachs
(Real Estate Investing Team)

  • Work in an entrepreneurial group that allows analysts to spearhead projects on unconventional asset classes.

  • Flexibility in capital sourcing allows for a group to invest in all strategies.

  • Analysts and Associates do not specialize across asset classes or strategies; thus, analysts can get exposure to equity, preferred equity, development, high-yield/mezzanine credit, senior loans, and structured deals.

Rachel Perry '24

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